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- Fixed players' current gold being networked to enemy players.
- Fixed Spirit Breaker's charge target being networked to enemy players.
- Picking up an armlet that is toggled on will only grant the buff if you own the armlet.
- Autocast abilities check target type rules consistently. This should prevent Clinkz's searing arrows hitting wards, for example.
- Added Elder Titan, Abaddon, Centaur and Troll Warlord to Captain's Mode.
- Fixed Neutral Thunderhide not using Slam when 3 enemies are nearby.
- Fixed Neutral Thunderhide's Slam not slowing attack speed.
- Ancient Apparition: Frostbite debuff will prevent health gain from levelling up, extra strength or extra max hp.
- Slark: Fixed BKB not removing Pounce's Leash.
- Treant Protector: Fixed Overgrowth affecting couriers.
- Troll Warlord: Fixed Illusions benefiting from Fervor.
- Troll Warlord: Fixed ranged form sometimes being able to bash.
- Weaver's geminate ability no longer activates when attacking wards.
- Weaver's Time Lapse and Disruptor's Glimpse now can rewind things back to before Time Lapse or Glimpse were first skilled.

- Runes now draw in the minimap for spectators.
- Increased the penalty for not readying up from 45 seconds to 2 minutes.
- Spectator stats dropdown is unlocked while listening to broadcasters.
- Added a preference and cvar "dota_spectator_use_broadcaster_stats_panel" to allow spectators to have full control over the stats panels.
- Private (friend/guild) lobbies now display their game name so that those browsing lobbies can get more info on what the lobby is for.
- Changed drag-select of units to use the same hit detection as click-select. This fixes a number of issues where units would not get selected.
- Fixed bugs that were allowing edge panning to be enabled during drag-select.
- Reduced CPU usage of drag-select.
- Fixed some newline formatting errors in the combat log.
- Prevented guides for the previously-played hero from erroneously showing up at the start of the next game.
- Added AOE hover indicator for Death Pulse.

- Added Waldi courier, Ocula ward, 3 HUDs and 14 hero item sets to the store.
- Updated Sniper's workshop model files with improved weighting, including corrected smd files.

- Fixed bad interactions with some looping sounds and FoW.
- Fixed Reincarnate stinger sometimes playing late when triggered in vision but out of hearing range.
- Fixed some item cast sounds that could be heard through FoW.
- Typing "tu" in chat no longer triggers hero "thank you" lines.

- Fixed crash when using certain spells / illusions on Intel HD4000. [Mac]
- Fixed intermittent crash when cmd-tabbing. [Mac]
- Fixed issues with older PulseAudio installations. [Linux]
- Improved stability when showing webpages.
- Allow setting language of audio and text separately, through Steam. (Text comes from Steam's language, audio comes from the language set in Dota 2's properties on Steam)
- Made Dota2 respond to window manager requests to close it.
- Fixes to make Dota2 work on a broader set of video cards on Linux
- Fixed key repeat to work in text entry windows.
- Fixed loading screens to show an image instead of a black screen
- Fixed a bug preventing multiple users from playing Dota2 (at different times) on a machine.
- Fixed sounds not working when a matchmaking game is ready to start. Added a desktop notification on Linux
- Added XBox 360 spectating controller support.
- Fixed crash on hero selection screen on Linux.
- Fixed a rendering bug when turning off Specular in advanced video settings.
- Fixed mouse offset bug and window size/aspect ratio issue when moving from full screen to windowed modes.

edit: clarified Time Lapse/Glimpse fix.
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